This is an excerpt from a reading that inspired our company's name.


"Most of nature lives in the “chase or be chased” or the “kill or be killed” life cycle of the food chain, where one thing is getting eaten by those things that are stronger and they, in turn, are getting eaten by the next stronger entity.  This has taken place over immense amounts of time and countless numbers of eating species.

Everything is an eating machine and EVERYTHING IS EATING EACH OTHER UP.

Everything is preying on the things it can prey on.  Taking life for one living thing to live, and another living thing to die.  Most all the eating species have evolved by the actual demise of other things.  Nothing wrong with it.  It is just the way it is.  It is sometimes called the “Grand Design”.



The bees follow another plan.  It is, in many ways, opposite of that “Grand Design”.  Their relationship with their world is one of benefit and enhancement.  The bees relationship with the plants it visits is mutually beneficial.  Just a little different from the other species, including humans, that are in the “eating each other up” “Grand Design”.  This is a unique place the bees occupy.  The bees are in a full blown embrace with Nature that is probably difficult for us in “the other cycle” to understand fully.  The bees do not harm.  How unique is that!? ”



So let us go in a different direction, just as the bee does. Let us live a life of benefit and enhancement, one that makes this world flourish.