Brand Brief

We use our brand brief to dive into your brand deeper and bring clarity to what we are working, together! Answer these questions based on behalf of the company, not yourself as the business owner, although many times, the owner of the company is a huge part of the brand itself. Have fun!  


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Things to include: age, gender, are they married, what do they like to do on the weekends, what do they watch on tv, what brands do they wear, what kind of jobs do they have, etc . . .
Where would you like to see it two years from now?
Think big here! This could be a specific person or a group of people (is it Oprah, the editor of Time magazine, etc . . .).
Include make, model, interior, exterior etc . . .
It can be more than one, for example: If Anthropologie and Target had a baby, that would be us!