Meet Glory Holland | Graphic Design Intern

Everyone meet our stellar new Graphic Design Intern, Glory Holland! Glory is a junior visual communications major from the University of Oklahoma who brings refreshing enthusiasm and energy to our office! As our Graphic Design Intern, she spends most of her time on her laptop creating bold, fresh concepts to further assist in creating a brand identity for our clients. This vibrant + adventurous soul believes social media has become a highly effective marketing tool because of its emphasis on celebrities and influencers and its ability to allow users to market themselves personally.

“Different individuals and brands can decide what type of content they wish to put out and are able to define their brand personality rather than relying on others.”

Glory thinks Outdoor Voices does a stellar job with its marketing because they are setting their own standard of an athleisure wear. She believes their brand voice is extremely personable and relatable and appeals to a wide range of consumers with different body types by empowering women in an authentic way.

Anyone who meets Glory immediately wants to be her bestie (including me!) – Here are a few fun facts about her to show you why!

What is your dream job? Creative Director in the fashion industry

What is your favorite city to visit?: New York City and anywhere in Colorado

Are you an early bird or night owl?: Both!

What is your candy order at the movies?: M&Ms – this is hard to say though I love all candy… 

If we could remember you by one word, what would that word be?: creative

What is your Starbucks order?: Sweet cream cold brew or a medium roast with a little tiny bit of whole milk 

 What is/are your hobbies?: drawing, reading, creating in anyway, being outdoors, and spending time with people I love.

Something that isn’t on her resume is the fact that she loves fashion and dressing up. Glory loves any chance she gets to shock people with ridiculous patterns and statement outfits (Her current obsession is anything that’s piped fabric) – but she hates belly buttons, so crop tops probably don’t live in her closet.

We’re all asking the same question - where does her creative inspo come from?! Other than fashion trends, Glory finds inspiration from books and podcasts. She is currently reading the Life and Death of Andy Warhol and listening to the goop podcast. Her go to playlist on Spotify is her own “dovey” playlist and she is obsessed with @annacarlaesimona’s crazy style on Instagram.

Now that you know why we love Glory so much, don’t hesitate to reach out and get to know her better!


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