Meet Bailey Rucker | Party In The Box Intern

Say hello to our newest member on The Buzz Brand Team, Bailey Rucker! Bailey currently is a senior studying advertising at the University of Oklahoma. She is serving as our Party In The Box Intern. Party In The Box is one of clients who specializes in boxes that has all your party essentials. She is the visionary, content creator and photographer for their products and business. 

This Oklahoma Native has big dreams of becoming an editor in chief at her own fashion + lifestyle magazine one day. Her favorite color right now is rust. “I have always been a fan of the color coral, but right now I am really diggin’ the fall / winter version of this color, which is rust.”

As a Party In The Box Intern, Bailey creates social media content for the business. She believes social media is easily accessible, inclusive and provides a great platform to interact with customers and followers while also identifying the brand’s voice and personality. 

“Since the average American spends about 4 hours a day on their phone, they are constantly engaging with different social platforms, which is why social media marketing efforts can reach a mass audience with an effective message.”

Now that you know Bailey on a professional level, let’s spice it up! We did a Q&A with her to find out fun facts, where she gets her inspiration and what some people might not know about her. 

What is your favorite city to visit?: Breckenridge, CO! 

Are you an early bird or night owl?: Night owl

What is your candy order at the movies?: Sour Straws + Snickers 

If we could remember you by one word, what would that word be?: Lovely 

What is your Starbucks order?: Grande iced latte with two pumps of hazelnut and one pump of vanilla plus an extra shot (soooo extra haha) 

Name something that isn’t on your resume:  I am SO involved with Sooner Scandal and University Sing at OU. I served as director in the fall and was the lead in the spring where I got to perform in the shows myself! 

What is/are your hobbies?: Drawing (I have my own tiny business)! I also enjoy singing, playing rec volleyball, taking photos and skiing.

Bailey is all things inspiring! She created a playlist on Spotify called “Summer17” that she made while traveling abroad in Italy. If you want to feel like your walking the streets of Rome, we suggest you take a listen! She even has provided some Instagram accounts that she suggests following to get that inspiration flow! 

  • @anthropologie

  • @hilvees

  • @shopbando

  • @officiallyquigley

  • @golivehq

She loves each of these accounts because they stay true to their brand. @hilvees is her favorite blogger because her posts are aesthetically beautiful and genuine. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know our intern Bailey Rucker! We hope you are as obsessed with her now like we are! 


Gretchen Neftzger

Social Media & Marketing Campaign Intern 

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