Why aren't You Already doing This for Your Social Media?

Social media has become an important part of our everyday lives as well as an integral part of business. We often become enslaved to posting, especially if social is one of  the main ways you market your brand. We all know how important it is to consistently stay in front of your consumer and clients. 

Our recent Instagram poll told us only 2% of you were scheduling your posts! That means 98% of you MANUALLY post to your social media! Come on, we have GOT to work smarter not harder. 

For the last 5 years we have spent countless hours creating and posting content for both our clients and ourselves. Over the years we have mastered the art of maximizing our precious time! Different scheduling platforms have come and gone and we have had our fair share of experience with a lot of them. As an agency, we use a larger platform called Sprout Social... but you don't need all the bells and whistles it comes with! 

For an individual we recommend Later. It has all the functionality you need to curate your feed and save yourself some time, and depending on what you are trying to accomplish the free version should be just fine. One thing we love about Later is that it pulls in your current feed so you can see how the pictures of your future post will look all together. 

Aside from saving time, scheduling really helps you keep a clear brand voice. It allows you to stay in front of your audience without consuming tons of time everyday. You are less likely to miss important dates or holidays that are important for your brand to be a part of. 

One thing we really want to emphasize though is to NOT "set it and forget it". You still need to stay in conversation with your followers and engage with comments etc. You also don't want to make the mistake of something going out on social when it should not. For example: 9/11... as a company or brand you should either not post on this day out of reverence or make sure you post something relevant to this day, as opposed to pushing out your latest sale or product. Make sense?

Ok... now check out the three steps we recommend for scheduling your social media. 

1. Batch your content!- Set aside a single day to grab all your content


2.  Sit down for an hour or so to plug it all into the scheduler including captions and hashtags


3. Set a time for them to be posted with or without a notification and BAM, you’re finished


This will not only save you so much time but will give you a better overall look of your feeds on all platforms. This allows you more time to connect to your following and engage. 

So, stop wasting your time every day to post that photo you just took while your ice cream cone melts. Save it for your scheduler and live in the moment because all days are better with fresh frozen ice cream!


The Buzz Brand Team

Bri RamosComment