Meet Stephanie Ma | Graphic Design + Animation Intern

My name is Stephanie Ma and I am incredibly passionate for design in regards to graphics, branding, interiors, and fashion. I am currently earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication at the University of Oklahoma. I busy myself with work, whether it be with education or with my two design internships at the OU College of Architecture and at The Buzz Brand. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and I consider this place home, but my dreams and aspirations will create second homes all over the world.

If you get to know me, I talk about my dog — a lot (her name is Cora.) I love my dog and I also have heaps of love for all animals. The kindness I learn from the nature of animals makes a positive impact on my life and my life values. It teaches me to treat people with kindness and approach challenges with a positive mindset. 

I am passionate about design because I truly believe great design can have a positive impact on the world. The horizon of design is massive — I have a deep appreciation for design in branding, typography, interior design, and fashion. I incorporate each type of design interest into my everyday life — I look at everyday issues and try to solve the problem with design, whether it consists of rebranding or a communication makeover to get the solution. As a student and designer, I also believe that having a curated space specifically designed for creativity and work is an important aspect of the design process.

I can’t stress enough about self growth, positivity, and the importance of empowering others. The Buzz Brand has helped me understand those values through the design intern program and through the clients that work with the company. I’ve been presented with opportunities that helped me evaluate my self worth and also helped me understand that I have the potential to grow. The Buzz Brand isn’t just a marketing company, it's a place where I can be unapologetically passionate about my craft. It is a company that empowers and constantly demonstrates how dreams can be turned into reality with persistence and hard work.

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