Meet Victoria Palma | Photo Styling Intern

Hi, I am Victoria Palma and I currently serve as a photo styling intern at the Buzz Brand. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but I have lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for most of my life. My inspiration for all things design came from my aunt who is a famous print maker in Brazil and her work has always been featured in Vogue Brazil, Elle Brazil, and many more. Seeing her strive towards her goals made me realize that the importance of reflecting in the latest color, graphic, and design trends is tantamount. From then on, I decided I wanted to use these aspects towards my career.  
I am student at the University of Oklahoma, where I am double majoring in Visual Communication Design and Marketing. I also am a part of an organization called Magazine Interest Group. We study all thing fashion, current trends, how magazines market themselves, and steps towards reaching the magazine industry. My dream career is working for a fashion company, like Zara and either working with their branding or photo styling. I believe in originality and being fearless is the only way to be recognized in the fashion world and working for the Buzz Brand helps me get one step closer. 
Outside of design and the fashion world, I am the biggest foodie you’ll ever meet. I believe trying new food is an amazing experience that can be shared with family and friends. I am true advocator on eating new food helps a person expand their tastes and palates. I spend a big amount of my time looking up recipes, cooking, and experimenting. When I look at myself in a couple years from now, I hope to be working for my dream job and also continuing my love for new foods.   
When I started working for the Buzz Brand, I knew it was going to be hard, but the amount of things I learn every time I go into work makes it so worth it. I learn the art of photo styling and how much thought goes into the process. Working with my boss and the other talented interns helps me strive to be the most creative person I can be, which is truly essential in my career path. I cannot wait to apply the things I’ve learned from the Buzz Brand into future career position. 

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