Meet Madison Smith | Graphic Design Intern

Hi, my name is Madison Smith and I am currently one of the Graphic Design Interns for The Buzz Brand. I am a lover of all things fashion, logo design and branding. Being from Allen, Texas which is a growing city north of Dallas, I had a lot of exposure to good design which inspired me to fall in love with the art. While Iā€™m a true Texan at heart, I love being a student at the University of Oklahoma where I study Visual Communication. Apart from my design work, I am also a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority here at OU. 

If you have a conversation with me, you will most likely hear me talk about Colorado at least once or twice. It is my second home, one that I hope to make permanent once I graduate. While design is my primary passion, I also have a few things outside of this practice that I am in love with. This list is quite long, but some of these passions are skiing, exercising and music. 

My favorite aspect of design is being able to not only be creative, but to help companies or brands in the process. One of the most exciting parts of being a designer to me is being able to see your finished product in action, and observing the affects that it has on the business it was used for. To get to this outcome, design must first involve collaboration, which is something that I have learned to enjoy through my time in school and at The Buzz Brand. 

If I were to work at my dream job, it would be either at a company that is involved in the athletic/fitness world (ex. Nike, Lululemon), or a hip and urban clothing company such as Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, or Free People. Within either of these businesses I would be the graphics designer for their websites, as well as social media. Working within the fashion world is something I can easily see myself doing, and is what I have set for myself as a career goal.

The Buzzbrand has not only helped me realize my goals, but it has also begun to help me take the steps to reach them. While studying at OU obviously has its benefits, the experiences that I have had and the things I have learned at The Buzz Brand are irreplaceable. I have not only become a better designer through The Buzz Brand, but I have also learned how to become a better employee as well as a harder worker. 

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